Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Post!!!

      If you want to learn about J.B. (Justin Bieber), keep on reading! Alexis and I loooooove Justin. We are so into him that we know quite a bit about him. Like: his birthday is March 1, 1994,  he was born in Stratford Canada, his mom`s name is Pattie Mallette, his dad`s name is Jeremy Bieber, his step mom`s name is Erin Bieber, his little sister and brother`s names is Jazmyn and Dylan Bieber, his favorite animals are dogs, he has 26 songs, 6 music videos, and he has been on a world tour, and along with all that he is only 16!!!!!


  1. heyy alexis and rileigh i loved yhur blogg it was awsome and descriptive and supper cool. i kinda like justin beiber

  2. cool blog even though i dont like him though i still liked it